Книга «Kyiv Street Art»

Книга «Kyiv Street Art»

Ціна: 408 грн
Рейтинг: 45 голосів (4.2) 5
Поділитися в соціальних мережах:
Кількість сторінок 300
ISBN 978-617-679-410-3
Рік видання 2017
Мова англійська
Видавництво Видавництво Старого Лева
Серія Мистецтво і культура
Палітурка тверда, матова
Артикул 705619

This book is about street art of Kyiv and about artists ideas, which were laid down into every work.

During the period of my being a coordinator of couple of the project I understood one very important thing:

Not always a place creates a piece of work, but a piece of work also creates a place.

Feelings that appear when a person sees one or another work can be various. But they, for sure, won’t leave you indifferent. The ability to experience emotions, to give inner estimation- approval or non-acceptance—all this develops taste and forms an opinion.

A person feels emotions since the birth, but the quality of these emotions everyone defines by himself or herself. Before the murals show creation between a person and such art there were no connection. But now it is an open dialogue. The dialogue that influences on consciousness, taste and reality.

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