Книга «Child of God»

Книга «Child of God»

Ціна: 284 грн
Рейтинг: 30 голосів (4.8) 5
Поділитися в соціальних мережах:
Кількість сторінок 192
Рік видання 2014
ISBN 9780330510950
Видавництво Pan MacMillan
Мова англійська
Автор Кормак Маккарті
Палітурка м'яка, матова
Артикул 901136

By Cormac McCarthy, the author of the critically acclaimed Border Trilogy, Child of God is a taut, chilling novel that plumbs the depths of human degradation. Lester Ballard, a violent, solitary and introverted young backwoodsman dispossessed on his ancestral land, is released from jail and allowed to haunt the hill country of East Tennessee, preying on the population with his strange lusts. McCarthy transforms commonplace brushes with humanity - in homesteads, stores and in the woods - into stunning scenes of the comic and the grotesque, and as the story hurtles toward its unforgettable conclusion, depicts the most sordid aspects of life with dignity, humour, and characteristic lyrical brilliance.

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