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Колін Кемпбелл

Книга «CER Starter. What a Lottery! (with Downloadable Audio)»

Тип книги:

Паперова 240 грн
Книга в наявності
Відправка: 26.06.2024
Наш Формат
Автор Колін Кемпбелл
Видавництво Cambridge University Press
Рік видання 2006
Палітурка м'яка
ISBN 9780521683289
Кількість сторінок 32
Мова англійська
Серія Cambridge English Readers
Рівень по CEFR Початковий рівень - Beginner level (A1)
Категорія Адаптовані книги англійською мовою
Артикул 905683
Колін Кемпбелл - «CER Starter. What a Lottery! (with Downloadable Audio)»
240 грн

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У середу (26.06.2024)

Про що книга «CER Starter. What a Lottery! (with Downloadable Audio)» автора Колін Кемпбелл

Cambridge English Readers – семирівнева серія адаптованих книг англійською мовою. Ця серія пропонує широку різноманітність текстів для читання. Містить сучасний матеріал, аудіо CD удосконалює навички вимови, аудіювання та говоріння.

Книги різних стилів та жанрів задовольнять будь-який смак, серія Cambridge English Readers пропонує високоякісну літературу, яка обов'язково сподобається читачам.

Підтримується сайтом cambridge.org/readers, який містить статті, рекомендації та поради вчителям від експертів, а також допомагає підібрати необхідний для учнів рівень книги.

Посібники із серії «Cambridge English Readers» рівня «Starter»:

  • CER Starter. Big Hair Day (with Downloadable Audio) / CER Starter. Big Hair Day (with Audio CD Pack) - Sophia is excited because she's an extra in a film with a big star, Fabio Facelli. But things go wrong from the start, and soon Sophia's at the police station, not on the film set. Does Fabio live up to her dreams when she finally meets him? Or might the policeman that Sophia calls 'Mr Sit Down' be the one to make her day?
  • CER Starter. Book Boy (with Downloadable Audio) / CER Starter. Book Boy (with Audio CD Pack) - David lives in a house with lots of books and his cat, Socrates. But is he happy? Then he makes friends with Ella. 'You're a nice boy,' says Ella. 'But you don't know anything about me. You don't know me. I'm not a good person.'
  • CER Starter. A Death in Oxford (with Downloadable Audio) / CER Starter. A Death in Oxford (with Audio CD Pack) - When Dr Leighton is murdered Inspector Frank Williams and Sergeant Kate Miller set out to track down her killer. Was it her husband, her son or her colleague? All had reasons to hate her but which one killed her?
  • CER Starter. Dirty Money (with Downloadable Audio) / CER Starter. Dirty Money (with Audio CD Pack) - Joe lives in Canada, in a beautiful, quiet place. His peace is interrupted one day by the noise of bulldozers excavating near his house. He is told that it's a diamond mine. Joe is a journalist for a local newspaper and his neighbours soon come to ask him to write about the awful noise and destruction. Joe becomes suspicious when his boss won't let him write about it. He starts to investigate the mine, but gets himself in harm's way.
  • CER Starter. Let Me Out! (with Downloadable Audio) / CER Starter. Let Me Out! (with Audio CD Pack) - Nolan is a robot, created by a lonely electronics expert, John, to run his home, cook and do the ironing. But Nolan is not content; he wants to be human. When he realizes that this is not possible, he turns against John, who finds there is no escape from his malevolence.
  • CER Starter. The Black Pearls (with Downloadable Audio) / CER Starter. The Black Pearls (with Audio CD Pack) - Rarotonga, in the beautiful Pacific Cook Islands, is the setting for a daring robbery. When master-thief Wolfgang Peters arrives on the island, Inspector Janet Hunter of the New Zealand Police is waiting for him. Will Peters manage to escape justice once again, or will Hunter and the Rarotongan police catch him?
  • CER Starter. The Girl at the Window (with Downloadable Audio) / CER Starter. The Girl at the Window (with Audio CD Pack) - For Grace, a ghost in a haunted house, the arrival of a young mother with a baby stirs memories of the man and the child she lost so many years before. But then danger threatens the baby girl and Grace must act decisively.
  • CER Starter. The Penang File (with Downloadable Audio) / CER Starter. The Penang File (with Audio CD Pack) - Secret agent Ian Munro is despatched to Penang to stop an assassination attempt on the Prince (a member of the British royal family, who is there on a state visit). Munro tracks down the paid assassin, identifies where and how the 'hit' will take place, but can he foil the assassination attempt in time?
  • CER Starter. What a Lottery! (with Downloadable Audio) / CER Starter. What a Lottery! (with Audio CD Pack) - Rick Drummond is a music lover without a job who dreams of making it big in the world of music. The people around him think he's just a dreamer, or a loser. When his wife walks out on him it seems the real world is falling around him. But then his luck changes when he wins the lottery. Is this really a change of fortune for Rick or is he about to lose again?
  • CER Starter. Why? (with Downloadable Audio) / CER Starter. Why? (with Audio CD Pack) - Alex is a soldier with a peace-keeping force in a poor country torn apart by fighting. He doesn't speak the language and is not sure why he is there. On patrol he comes face to face with the reality of what arms sales mean and pays the ultimate price. Why?

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