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Джудіт Вілсон

Книга «CER 4. Staying Together (with Downloadable Audio)»

Тип книги:

Паперова 196 грн
Книга в наявності
Відправка: 23.05.2024
Наш Формат
Автор Джудіт Вілсон
Видавництво Cambridge University Press
Рік видання 2001
Палітурка м'яка
ISBN 9780521798488
Кількість сторінок 78
Мова англійська
Серія Cambridge English Readers
Рівень по CEFR Просунутий рівень — Intermediate level (B1)
Категорія Адаптовані книги англійською мовою
Артикул 905627
Джудіт Вілсон - «CER 4. Staying Together (with Downloadable Audio)»
196 грн

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Відповідно до Постанови Кабінету Міністрів України від 19 березня 1994 р. №172, друковані видання належної якості обміну (поверненню) не підлягають.

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Про що книга «CER 4. Staying Together (with Downloadable Audio)» автора Джудіт Вілсон

Cambridge English Readers – семирівнева серія адаптованих книг англійською мовою. Ця серія пропонує широку різноманітність текстів для читання. Містить сучасний матеріал, аудіо CD удосконалює навички вимови, аудіювання та говоріння.

Книги різних стилів та жанрів задовольнять будь-який смак, серія Cambridge English Readers пропонує високоякісну літературу, яка обов'язково сподобається читачам.

Підтримується сайтом cambridge.org/readers, який містить статті, рекомендації та поради вчителям від експертів, а також допомагає підібрати необхідний для учнів рівень книги.

Посібники із серії «Cambridge English Readers» рівня «4»:

  • CER 4. The Amsterdam Connection (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. The Amsterdam Connection (with Audio CD Pack) - Journalist Kate Jensen is shocked when her friend Max is found murdered in Amsterdam. She goes there to search for her friend's killer and starts asking questions at the football club he owned. It soon becomes clear that someone doesn't want her to get any answers and Kate discovers that football can be a very dangerous game indeed. Contains adult material which may not be suitable for younger readers.
  • CER 4. Berlin Express (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. Berlin Express (with Audio CD Pack) - Hiro, a 20-year-old Japanese student, sits next to an old man on a train to Berlin. By mistake they exchange phones and read each other's text messages. Hiro believes that the man's messages show that he is going to Berlin to kill someone. Hiro's first day in the city is a race against time as he tries to warn people of an assassination plot. But is the plot real or does it exist only in Hiro's imagination?
  • CER 4. But Was it Murder? (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. But Was it Murder? (with Audio CD Pack) - Alex Forley had everything: good looks, money, a beautiful house in London, an attractive girlfriend and a close group of friends. But now he is dead - an apparent case of suicide. Detective Inspector Rod Eliot isn't sure Alex killed himself and he wants the answers to two simple questions. Was it murder? And if so, who did it?
  • CER 4. The Fruitcake Special and Other Stories (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. The Fruitcake Special and Other Stories (with Audio CD Pack) - Five entertaining stories about the power of discovery set in countries across the globe. A perfume made from some very unusual ingredients becomes more effective than expected. A remarkable change in a woman's life leaves her family to make a decision. The secret and danger of high intelligence are revealed to a university student. A teacher discovers a way of making time stand still. And a book tells a young manager more than he wants to know.
  • CER 4. High Life, Low Life (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. High Life, Low Life (with Audio CD Pack) - A story of jealousy, estrangement and murder. Private Investigator Nathan Marley is hired by a homeless woman to find her missing son. At the same time Marley embarks on a strange relationship with a rich eccentric widow. The poorest and richest of New York are brought together in this thriller from the American detective series.
  • CER 4. In the House (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. In the House (with Audio CD Pack) - In the Big Eye House, Annie is the only female contestant left in a reality TV show. Viewers follow the contestants' every move and regularly vote to eject one of them. There is a big prize for the winner, and another for any couple to have a romance in the house. What will Annie learn about the remaining four male contestants, and about herself? And which prize will she win, if any?
  • CER 4. Lady in White (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. Lady in White (with Audio CD Pack) - Is it coincidence or is he losing his mind? While researching a new programme, John, a successful television producer, comes across a story about a ghostly hitch-hiker. Soon he realises that the story of the Lady in White bears many similarities to part of his own life. Returning to London from a holiday in Ireland, John begins to ask himself some uncomfortable questions.
  • CER 4. Love in the Lakes (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. Love in the Lakes (with Audio CD Pack) - On holiday in the Lake District with her new jet-skiing boyfriend, Nick, Laura meets the local vet, Robert. Robert dislikes both Laura and Nick on sight. However, Laura soon discovers why Robert hates people from the city. Slowly Laura and Robert get to know each other better, and she soon has to make a choice: Nick or Robert?
  • CER 4. Man Hunt (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. Man Hunt (with Audio CD Pack) - The first killing went well. Perfectly, in fact. Though I always knew it would. I had planned it well. Arrangements, organisation – these are things I'm good at. Now I've discovered I'm good at killing too.'The police are in a race against time to catch the murderer before he kills again. And again
  • CER 4. Matter of Chance (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. Matter of Chance (with Audio CD Pack) - Paul Morris's happy life in Italy changes when his wife dies suddenly. He develops a relationship with Sandra, a friend at work, but everything is not as it seems. How can Sandra afford such an expensive car? And why does she keep making mysterious phone calls? Soon Paul is involved in international crime and a thrilling car chase across Europe. Contains adult material which may not be suitable for younger readers.
  • CER 4. Nothing but the Truth (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. Nothing but the Truth (with Audio CD Pack) - It is the start of a new school year for teenager Hu at an international school in the exciting city of Bangkok. She has a problem with one of the teachers and does not know what to do. Through an adventure in a national park, acting in a musical and the help of friends, Hu finds the courage to tell the truth.
  • CER 4. Staying Together (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. Staying Together (with Audio CD Pack) - Ikuko goes to England to study English, promising her boyfriend Hiroshi she will return to Japan to marry him. However, in Birmingham Ikuko discovers a whole new world and falls in love with another overseas student. Ikuko's journey across the world not only teaches her about different ways of life but also becomes a voyage of self-discovery.
  • CER 4. The University Murders (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. The University Murders (with Audio CD Pack) - Billy Marr, a local misfit, claims he has murdered someone in an Edinburgh park. Inspector Logan and Sergeant Grant don't believe him - Billy has lied many times in the past about crimes he hasn't committed. But then a young woman is found dead in the park. Soon there is another body. Perhaps Billy is not so innocent after all.
  • CER 4. When Summer Comes (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 4. When Summer Comes (with Audio CD Pack) - A hot summer and a holiday by the sea: Stephen and Anna Martins are escaping their stressful lives in London, and taking a holiday in the south-west of England. They make friends with a local fisherman, but when Stephen is called back to London for work, Anna is left alone for a few days. And then something happens which changes their lives for ever. Contains adult material which may not be suitable for younger readers.

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