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Менді Лоудер

Книга «CER 3. Eye of the Storm (with Audio CD Pack)»

Тип книги:

Паперова 278 грн
Немає в наявності
Наш Формат
Автор Менді Лоудер
Видавництво Cambridge University Press
Рік видання 2015-2022
Палітурка м'яка
ISBN 9780521686358
Кількість сторінок 64
Мова англійська
Серія Cambridge English Readers
Рівень по CEFR Просунутий рівень — Intermediate level (B1)
Категорія Адаптовані книги англійською мовою
Артикул 905595
Менді Лоудер - «CER 3. Eye of the Storm (with Audio CD Pack)»
278 грн

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Про що книга «CER 3. Eye of the Storm (with Audio CD Pack)» автора Менді Лоудер

Cambridge English Readers – семирівнева серія адаптованих книг англійською мовою. Ця серія пропонує широку різноманітність текстів для читання. Містить сучасний матеріал, аудіо CD удосконалює навички вимови, аудіювання та говоріння.

Книги різних стилів та жанрів задовольнять будь-який смак, серія Cambridge English Readers пропонує високоякісну літературу, яка обов'язково сподобається читачам.

Підтримується сайтом cambridge.org/readers, який містить статті, рекомендації та поради вчителям від експертів, а також допомагає підібрати необхідний для учнів рівень книги.

Посібники із серії «Cambridge English Readers» рівня «3»:

  • CER 3. Double Cross (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. Double Cross (with Audio CD Pack) - A politician survives an attempted assassination in Stockholm, and secret agent Monika Lundgren is instructed to find the people responsible. As she races across the world, through Finland, England, South Africa and Mozambique, she encounters a strange football team, a rock musician and a madman with dreams of world power.
  • CER 3. Eye of the Storm (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. Eye of the Storm (with Audio CD Pack) - A hurricane is tearing across the Atlantic from the west coast of Africa towards America. As the hurricane passes through the Caribbean, it destroys everything in its path. In Florida, a man is out in a fishing boat, unaware of the approaching disaster. His daughter, Ikemi, and her boyfriend must confront the hurricane in a desperate attempt to reach her father before it's too late.
  • CER 3. The House by the Sea (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. The House by the Sea (with Audio CD Pack) - Carl begins to worry when his wife Linda does not arrive for the weekend at their seaside house in the east of England. When he asks local people whether they have seen her, they appear helpful, but he soon begins to wonder whether they are hiding information from him about his missing wife.
  • CER 3. How I Met Myself (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. How I Met Myself (with Audio CD Pack) - One icy winter's evening in Budapest, John Taylor is on his way home from the office when a man runs into him and knocks him over. The man turns to say sorry and John is amazed at what he sees: the man is John's double. The double rushes away but leaves no footprints in the snow. Over the next year it becomes clear to John that the meeting was no accident and that his double has a very important message to give him.
  • CER 3. The Ironing Man (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. The Ironing Man (with Audio CD Pack) - A young man appears at the door and seems to be the answer to Marina's wishes. She and her husband Tom have moved from London to a quiet village, and Marina is bored with her life, as it seems she does nothing but housework. One day she wishes for somebody to help with the ironing, and the 'ironing man' appears. Not only does he help Marina with the housework, but he also helps Tom realise just how important Marina is to him.
  • CER 3. Just Good Friends (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. Just Good Friends (with Audio CD Pack) - It's Stephany and Max's first holiday together in Italy and they are staying at the flat of Stephany's friend, Carlos. Max is a little jealous of Carlos and Carlos's wife is certainly not happy to see Stephany. It becomes clear that there is more between Stephany and Carlos than just friendship and the tension rises between the two couples. As Max discovers more about Stephany's past, he begins to wonder if he really knows her at all.Paperback-only version. Also available with Audio CDs including complete text recordings from the book. Contains adult material.
  • CER 3. No Place to Hide (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. No Place to Hide (with Audio CD Pack) - One day in the fall a woman calls at the New York office of Nat Marley, licensed private investigator, to ask him to find Patrick, her missing husband. Marley's enquiries take him to the financial district of Wall Street and an investment company whose returns are too good to be true. Then the police find a body in the trunk of a car – Patrick's car. Whose is the body and where is Patrick?
  • CER 3. Not Above the Law (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. Not Above the Law (with Audio CD Pack) - George Keegan, a Dublin lawyer, wakes to find himself lying in bed in a pool of blood. He can't remember what happened the night before. He soon has a clue when he sees the body of his girlfriend and colleague, Orla, on the TV news. But who killed Orla if he didn't? And why? George wants to know. And so does Inspector Sean Murphy of the Dublin police.
  • CER 3. A Puzzle for Logan (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. A Puzzle for Logan (with Audio CD Pack) - Ronnie Campbell has escaped from prison and Morag Mackenzie has been found murdered. Seven years ago Morag gave evidence in an Edinburgh court that sent Ronnie to prison for murder. Inspector Logan is not sure this case is as straightforward as it seems. She returns to the original crime scene in order to find out the truth.
  • CER 3. Strong Medicine (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. Strong Medicine (with Audio CD Pack) - Dr Mark Latto travels to California USA to learn about an alternative medical treatment from Deborah Spencer. But on arrival he finds that Deborah has died and the book she was writing about the treatment has vanished. The police don't suspect murder but Mark does.
  • CER 3. Tales of the Supernatural (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. Tales of the Supernatural (with Audio CD Pack) - Six stories about a world we cannot explain. A film star discovers the dangers of dancing with a stranger. A man comes face-to-face with his father's history. An Irish-American family cannot escape someone from the past. A woman doesn't listen to warnings about an old tree. An English writer slowly becomes more and more Japanese. And a killer watches himself die in hospital.
  • CER 3. The Beast (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. The Beast (with Audio CD Pack) - Talk in the local pub is of strange deaths of sheep and rumours of the return of the legendary Beast of Brynmawr. Susie and Charlie are taking a break from work in London and renting a cottage in Brynmawr, where events grow stranger and stranger until it becomes clear that it is Susie the beast wants.Contains adult material which may not be suitable for younger readers..
  • CER 3. The Lahti File (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. The Lahti File (with Audio CD Pack) - Hundreds of dead fish, some unexplained deaths and a birdless town. Three newspaper reports from Finland attract interest from the British secret service. 'Foreign Executive' Ian Munro is sent to Lahti to investigate. But when his first contact is killed in front of him, Munro realises that someone knows why he is there... and that they will do anything to protect their secret.Contains adult material which may not be suitable for younger readers.
  • CER 3. Two Lives (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. Two Lives (with Audio CD Pack) - In a small Welsh village Megan and Huw fall in love. But then a tragic accident changes Huw's life and he must move abroad. Fifty years later, Huw and Megan finally meet again. Both their lives have changed and Megan is about to get married. Can Huw convince her that their love is still strong? Contains adult material which may not be suitable for younger readers.
  • CER 3. Wild Country (with Downloadable Audio) / CER 3. Wild Country (with Audio CD Pack) - Tess and Grant are tour leaders for a group walking holiday in France. And they don't get on at all. Tess is an artist and a dreamer, whose father owns the tour company. Grant is experienced, knowledgeable and efficient – and enjoys making Tess appear foolish. As the rain pours down, things go from bad to worse until

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