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Видавництво MacMillan Education UK: література в інтернет-каталозі книгарні Наш Формат

Книги видавництва MacMillan Education UK

Алан Чарльсворт

Рейтинг: 4.8
Рік видання: 2007 Категорія: Англійська мова Книга в наявності
E-Commerce is making an ever-bigger impact on the way businesses operate. Key Concepts in e-Commerce offers readers an introduction to the many words, terms and phrases that abound in this fast developing and increasingly popular discipline. Presented from a business and marketing perspective, the
567 грн

Джеймс Едмундс

Рейтинг: 4.8
Категорія: Англійська мова Книга в наявності
This book provides an accessible and comprehensive guide to the major themes, concepts, terms and theorists encountered by students of Tourism. Concepts are listed alphabetically and cross-referenced for ease of use. Tables and figures complement the text, and to help explain complex terminology.
567 грн

Кеннет Робертс

Рейтинг: 4.8
Рік видання: 2008 Категорія: Англійська мова Книга в наявності
Complementing the student's primary reading, Key Concepts in Sociology presents a comprehensive glossary of the key terms, concepts and figures that dominate the sociological landscape. Organized alphabetically and cross-referenced for ease of use and accessibility, the book also provides
673 грн

Річард Гілл

Рейтинг: 4.8
Рік видання: 2006 Категорія: Англійська мова Книга в наявності
In the third edition of this comprehensive guide to the what and how of literary study, attention is paid to the details of literary language and a wide variety of examples is included. More emphasis has been placed on contextualizing literature and this updated version takes these changes into
748 грн

Джуліан Вольфрейс

Рейтинг: 4.8
Рік видання: 2011 Категорія: Англійська мова Книга в наявності
What does it mean to study English Literature? Have can you navigate and get the most from your degree? The English Literature Companion is your comprehensive introduction to, and exploration of, the discipline of English and Literary Studies. It is your advisor on key decisions, and your one-stop
711 грн

Сандра Кейн

Рейтинг: 4.8
Рік видання: 2009 Категорія: Англійська мова Книга в наявності
An in-depth glossary, this accessible book successfully introduces students to the key concepts, themes and principles of Public Relations. Terms are organized alphabetically and are fully cross-referenced for use of ease. Suggestions for further reading help to consolidate knowledge and aids and
673 грн

Аластар Мулліс

Рейтинг: 4.8
Категорія: Англійська мова Очікуємо поставку
A long awaited new edition of this popular textbook which provides an accessible introduction covering the basic principles of the law of torts as well as directing the reader towards the complexities of the subject and its relationship with society.
1 028 грн
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