Книга «Touring Kiev»

Книга «Touring Kiev»

Ціна: 300 грн
Рейтинг: 32 голоси (4.4) 5
Поділитися в соціальних мережах:
Кількість сторінок 232
ISBN 966-96041-7-6
Рік видання 2009
Мова англійська
Видавництво Балтія-Друк
Палітурка м'яка, глянцева
Автор Михайло Кальницький
Артикул 266261
You are to get acquainted with a wonderful city, the history of which is over one and half thousand years. Kyiv and Kyivans have always welcomed the guests. Interesting meetings and unforgettable impressions are waiting for you. 
Make 12 exciting excursions around the historical places of Kyiv. The guidebook will lead you through the museums and parks, it will acquaint you with the unique architecture ensembles and memorials, will tell you of the local customs and traditions. The map-schemes at the beginning of each part of the book will help you not to get lost in the strange city.
The architecture profiles of the most interesting constructions give a chance to imagine their interiors. A lot of useful information: how to choose a good accommodation and restaurant where to go for leisure and entertainment in the night.
About 1000 picturesque illustrations both modern and taken from archives and private collections make the story visual and more cognitive.

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