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Автор Скотт Галловей
Видавництво Penguin Random House UK
Рік видання 2017
ISBN 978-0593077900
Кількість сторінок 540
Мова англійська
Категорія Non-fiction іноземними мовами
Артикул 901455
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Книга «The Four: Or, how to build a trillion dollar company » Скотт Галловейf

Книга «The Four: Or, how to build a trillion dollar company » Скотт Галловей

Рейтинг: 4.8

Тип книги

589 грн
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Відповідно до Постанови Кабінету Міністрів України від 19 березня 1994 р. №172, друковані видання належної якості обміну (поверненню) не підлягають.


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For all that’s been written about the Four over the last two decades, no one has captured their power and staggering success as insightfully as Scott Galloway.

Instead of buying the myths these companies broadcast, Galloway asks fundamental questions. How did the Four infiltrate our lives so completely that they’re almost impossible to avoid (or boycott)? Why does the stock market forgive them for sins that would destroy other firms? And as they race to become the world’s first trillion-dollar company, can anyone challenge them?

In the same irreverent style that has made him one of the world’s most celebrated business professors, Galloway deconstructs the strategies of the Four that lurk beneath their shiny veneers. He shows how they manipulate the fundamental emotional needs that have driven us since our ancestors lived in caves, at a speed and scope others can’t match. And he reveals how you can apply the lessons of their ascent to your own business or career.

Whether you want to compete with them, do business with them, or simply live in the world they dominate, you need to understand the Four.


Scott Galloway is a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he teaches brand strategy and digital marketing to second-year MBA students. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded nine firms, including L2, Red Envelope, and Prophet. In 2012, he was named one of the World’s 50 Best Business School Professors by Poets & Quants. His weekly YouTube series, Winners and Losers, has generated tens of millions of views. This is his first book. --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.


"Galloway takes the reader through a refreshingly clear-eyed look at the nature of dominance at Amazon.com Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and Google. He is interested in how these companies become more valuable with use instead of less, how they benefit from low cost of capital and the implications for things that could further strengthen their dominance."

Brad Stone, Bloomberg Technology

"As the power of technology’s biggest companies comes under more scrutiny, NYU business professor Galloway reveals how Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google built massive empires."

Publishers Weekly

The Four is an essential, wide-ranging powerhouse of a book that, like Scott Galloway himself, marries equal parts incisive, entertaining, and biting. As in his legendary MBA lectures, Galloway tells it like it is, sparing no business titan and no juggernaut corporation from well-deserved criticism. A must read.

Adam Alter, author of Drunk Tank Pink

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