Книга «Earth: The Definitive Visual Guide»

Книга «Earth: The Definitive Visual Guide»

Ціна: 946 грн
Рейтинг: 30 голосів (4.8) 5
Поділитися в соціальних мережах:
Кількість сторінок 528
ISBN 978-1409332855
Рік видання 2016
Видавництво DK Publishing
Серія The Definitive Visual Guide
Мова англійська
Палітурка тверда
Артикул 901979


A breathtaking and inspirational exploration of planet Earth

From the fiery mass of the Earth's core to the tip of the highest ice-capped mountain, discover every aspect of our planet in awe-inspiring photographic detail with Earth.

Visit 400 of the tallest, longest, widest, most significant and most unusual geographical features of planet Earth, from volcanoes, deserts and rivers to weather systems, rocks and minerals. Then take a look at the health of our planet and explore the interaction between people and the environment, from living in volcanic areas to deforestation, to understand the human impact on nature and how we can preserve our physical environment.

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