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Oxford World's Classics

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Oxford World's Classics
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Рейтинг: 5.0
Рік видання: 2011 Палітурка: м'яка Очікуємо поставку
'We are looking for the things that enable us to live a noble and happy life...and what prospects decent people will have of acquiring any of them.' The Eudemian Ethics is a major treatise on moral philosophy whose central concern is what makes life worth living. Aristotle considers the role

Леонардо да Вінчі

Рейтинг: 5.0
Рік видання: 2009 Палітурка: м'яка Очікуємо поставку
'Study me reader, if you find delight in me...Come, O men, to see the miracles that such studies will disclose in nature.' Most of what we know about Leonardo da Vinci, we know because of his notebooks. Some 6,000 sheets of notes and drawings survive, which represent perhaps one-fifth of what

Зигмунд Фрейд

Рейтинг: 5.0
Рік видання: 2013 Палітурка: м'яка Очікуємо поставку
'I very soon had an opportunity to interpret Dora's nervous coughing as the outcome of a fantasized sexual situation.' A Case of Hysteria, popularly known as the Dora Case, affords a rare insight into how Freud dealt with patients and interpreted what they told him. The 18-year-old 'Dora' was
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